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Make a Gift to KCC


Donate to Benefit the Children

The Kettering Children’s Choir welcomes and depends on support from the community to provide a quality musical and educational experience for each singer. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we are dependent on contributions, since each singer’s tuition covers only 60% of the cost of her/his program.

We gratefully accept contributions of any amount from our community family and friends. We hope you will consider making a contribution towards the continuing excellence of the KCC program.

Or if you prefer to send a donation, please mail it to:​

Kettering Children’s Choir
P.O. Box 292202
Kettering, Ohio 45429

Donor Spotlight

We recognize five donor categories: Friends, Contributors, Supporters, Benefactors and Patrons. The KCC work is supported and inspired by our donors. Learn more about what has inspired, moved, and driven a few of our amazing donors to give back to our program by reading their stories in the upcoming months. 


Friends ($10-100)

100 Dollars will pay for  a uniform or 1/5 of tuition.


Contributor ($100-199)

$199 will pay for a uniform and 20% of yearly tuition.


Supporter ($200-499)

$250 will pay for 1/2 Tuition. $500 will pay for tuition for a year. 


Benefactor ($500-900)

$500 will pay for Tuition for a year or 1/2 of a summer trip.


Patron ($1000 and up)

$1000 will pay for a summer trip.


Margaret  Baird
Frank & Deborah Williams
John Twarek (in Memory)


Jody Akermann 
Margaret  Baird
Larry & Sirima  Benson
Stephanie Hemmelgarn
Dwight & Karla Hymans
Judith Schneider


Calvary - Angels Night
Greg & Susie Good
Edward Jones
Diana & Mark Partee
Christina Smith
Kelly Summers
Teresa & John Virgint


Steve & Janet Davis
Bob Gajda
Terri & Kenneth Hemmelgarn
Cecile H. Murphy Charitable Foundation
Leigh and Steven Pope
Judith Schneider


Ashley's Pastry Dhop
Amazon Smiles
Roberta Carpenter
Marilyn Davis
Phyllis Donahoe
Jenny Freeman
Anne Gajda
Mrs. Kreimmeyer
Mrs. Lee
Nancy Lineburgh
Network of Good
Susie Robinson
Loreita Sinclair
Jennifer Web
Mrs. Xiong
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