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Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to audition for the KCC?

Children 8 years and older may audition for KCC membership.

Do I need to live in Kettering to join the choir?

No, the KCC accepts singers from across the Miami Valley!

How much is the Tuition?

Tuition is $500 annually.

Do you offer Tuition Assistance?

Yes, to request assistance email

Are parents allowed to travel with singers?

Parents are always needed to chaperone trips. Background checks are required for all adults to travel with us.

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

Contact Mrs. Schneider to inquire about volunteer opportunities:

Are internships with directors available for college-age students? 

KCC is a great place to learn about choral directing. All college students currently working to complete a music degree are welcome to observe at any rehearsal. Contact a director or Mrs. Schneider to schedule a time.

How many performances do the choirs have every year?

It depends on the choir but it can be as many as 7-10 performances a year. 

Do singers learn any music theory in addition to vocal technique?

All singers in every choir take a Musicianship class each week in addition to their regular rehearsal. Our Musicianship instructors are trained in Kodaly as well as choral methods. Musicianship classes are part of your child's yearly tuition.

Does KCC accept students who are homeschooled? 

Yes! Many of the singers in each choir are homeschooled. KCC is a great way to socialize and learn music skills at the same time.

Do you travel?

We travel nationally as a group every year. We hope to begin traveling internationally again in the future.

When do you practice and where?

Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings at Wright State University.

When are the next auditions?

We have scheduled auditions each year in June, August and January.  Depending on circumstances, we can alternatively schedule an appointment with the appropriate director.

What is expected for performance wear?

Girls wear long dresses (or optional Palazzo pants and top for Concert Choir). They are ordered through KCC and cost $100. We maintain a list of sellers of gently worn dresses.


Boys wear white, long sleeved oxford cloth shirts and black twill dress pants in Chorus, Chorale, and Concert; tuxedos in Cantamus. Parents provide these items. 

What schools are represented by members of the KCC?

2022-23 KCC members are from the following Miami Valley schools:

  • Ankeney Middle School

  • Beavercreek High School

  • Bellbrook Middle School

  • Celestial City Academy

  • Chaminade-Julienne

  • Dayton Christian

  • Dayton Regional STEM School

  • Global Impact STEM Academy

  • Greenon High School

  • Holy Angels Dayton

  • Home School

  • Jacob Coy Middle

  • JE Prass

  • John F. Kennedy Elementary

  • Kettering Fairmont HS

  • Kettering Middle School

  • Middletown Christian

  • Mills Lawn Elementary

  • Oakview Elementary (Kettering)

  • Oakwood Junior High

  • Shaw Elementary

  • Sinclair

  • Southdale

  • Spring Valley Academy

  • Springboro

  • Springboro High School

  • St Albert the Great

  • St. Christopher

  • St. Luke

  • Stingley Elementary

  • Stivers School for the Arts

  • Tri-County North

  • Versailles Elementary School

  • Watts Middle School

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