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Our Choirs

Enrollment in KCC is for the season which begins in August and generally concludes with the Spring Concert. Each member is expected to remain active and committed to the program for the entire term. 



At this level, singers learn to blend their voices, practice their unison singing skills and will begin to sing in two parts. They begin internal ear training and learn basic rhythms and music reading. Sight singing, basic score reading and basic vocal techniques are stressed.


The singers at this level have demonstrated the ability to sing in parts. This is tested by singing rounds and in thirds. Part-singing skill development is continued. Vocal techniques and sight singing are approached at a more advanced level. There will be special emphasis on ear training, inner hearing, memory skills using solfege, and reading in solfege and staff notation. In most years, this Choir is involved in an overnight tour.


Concert Choir

This treble choir for junior & senior high school students regularly sings more advanced, three- to six-part music and is involved in a three-night tour each year and an international tour every three years. They have a more rigorous performance schedule, which frequently includes collaboration with other Dayton-area arts organizations.


Cantamus is our new TTBB choir. This Choir demonstrates the highest level of vocal and aural music skills for baritone voices. Cantamus participates in one or more tours per year.

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