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Join us for our next season! Open auditions are held each spring for new singers entering the organization and for singers preparing to move to the next Choir level. Mid-season auditions may be available by request. 

Next open auditions: Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Wright State University Creative Arts Center​


No appointments are needed for open auditions and no special preparation is necessary. Auditions are for TREBLE voices, ages 8-18 (Chorus, Chorale, Concert Choir) and Auditions for High School aged MIXED voices (Cappella).

TREBLE Voices 1


Pitch matching, independence on singing a round, and some skill in note reading.

TREBLE Voices 3

Concert Choir

Tonal memory, vocal exercises (test flexibility and responsiveness to instruction), independent singing, and sight-reading.

TREBLE Voices 2


Pitch matching, melodic accuracy, independence in singing a round, and skill in note reading.

MIXED Voices


Rhythm, tonal memory, melodic reading, and ensemble blend.